Automated Work Order

Tracking with 360Facility

ServiceLink Commercial has invested in a revolutionary new system to manage our services and track all communication with our customers. 360Facility is an automated tracking system and is an entirely web-based program that can be accessed from any computer, 24/7. This innovative system monitors all cleaning specifications, schedules, requests for services and quality control inspections. 360Facility provides solutions to improve overall communication with our customers, tenant satisfaction, maintenance, security and quality control issues confronting facility and property management Professionalals.

360Facility is fully functioning and requires no installation of hardware or software - everything is done through the internet. The system works directly through email and other devices, such as cell phones, pagers and PDAs. Property managers and tenants can log onto the internet and create work orders to requests additional services, view the status of existing work orders or review inspections for the building.

Why 360Facility is an important tool:

Lowers Response Time and Increases Accountability
It's all about delivering the right information to the right person at the right time. 360Facility automatically notifies the management team of issues via their pagers, PDAs or cell phones and allow us to record the exact time we complete a task (add labor, change status, add comments and reassign) from the field with hand held devices. The system time stamps every record so that response time can be measured down to the second.

Improves Productivity
Through the management of both scheduled and unscheduled work, automatic assignment, tracking of response times, distribution of best practices and wireless communication, we are able to drastically improve the productivity of the team.

Increases Proactive Behavior
With 360Facility, we are able to schedule inspections and calculate the results immediately. In additional to real time inspections, the system links work orders to the inspection so corrective action can be taken immediately if required.

Increases our Customer Satisfaction
Improvements in productivity, management awareness, response time and proactive behavior will naturally lead to an increase in your overall satisfaction. In addition to the improvements in our service, we can provide our customers with a high quality self-service that allows you to enter requests and review status and results online 24/7.

How the System Works:
As a user, you will be able to access 360Facility from any computer at any time of day or night. Once you reach the log in page, you can sign on with your customized username and password. Your privacy is very important to use and for that reason, we allow you to personalize your log in information.

Once logged into the system you can create and view work orders, update/add comments to open work orders or view inspections. Each drop down menu can be tailored to fit your specific property. After entering a work order, 360Facility will immediately send it to our management team via email as well as a text message to hand held devices. Management will then direct the work order to the appropriate staff for completion of the service requested.